Thanks for your interest in the Brewers And Drinkers Around Silver Spring (BADASS)! If you're in the Silver Spring area and are interested in beer, this may be the club for you. You don't need to be a homebrewer, just have an open mind and find joy in fermentation.

Our informal monthly gatherings include an educational topic, sharing local beer news and upcoming events, a tasting of our latest home crafted beers, ciders, and meads (or theme-based craft potables), followed by constructive critiques offered in the spirit of sharing experiences and improving the next batch. We relish discussion of all aspects of beer, including the ingredients (hops, malts, yeast, etc.), brewing techniques and hardware, favorite beer styles, and plans for future brews.

FAQs about meetings and membership:
1. Do I need to be a member to attend a meeting?

No, you do not need to be a member to attend a BADASS meeting! We are happy to welcome new folks who want to come check out what we're all about. If you attend three meetings, we will encourage you to officially become a member in good standing so you can participate fully in all of the club's activities!

2. How do I become an official member of BADASS?

BADASS membership is open to any person who agrees with the purpose of BADASS. To be a member in good standing that has voting rights, you must be current with annual dues and attend at least six membership meetings a year.

3. Do I have to live in Silver Spring to be a member?

Although most of our members hail from downtown and greater Silver Spring, MD, all are welcome!

4. Where can I find more information about the club?

If you want to delve into the details, click here to read our Constitution and Bylaws.

Other questions? Email us!